Australian Projects Pty Limited

Australian Projects Pty Limited is an innovation company engaged in the distribution of applications for data security, information assurance and privacy, which enable end-to-end trust and securing of information. The company, established in 1994, is a leading master distributor of information security solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

The products we represent are best-of-breed solutions for full disk encryption, removable storage encryption, true endpoint security, mobile device security, digital rights management and information content assurance, all designed to keep corporate knowledge safe and secure.

A major part of our activity is directed at developing and supplying software for government, military, law enforcement, banking and other corporate enterprises where data protection is of paramount importance.

Australian Projects has a number of strategic partners with whom we work closely in the following Safe Knowledge product categories:

  • Access Control Security
  • Data Encryption Security
  • Data Loss Prevention Security
  • Desktop PC Security
  • Digital Signing Security
  • Document Content Security
  • Email Security
  • Endpoint Auditing Security
  • Endpoint Enterprise Security
  • Endpoint Reporting Security
  • Laptop PC Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Network Security
  • Removable Media Security

Customers around the world depend on our solutions to protect sensitive and proprietary information, achieve regulatory compliance and enable secure enterprise mobility and productivity.

Product Brands

Safend, DataMotion, Good/Blackberry, and Zondex.

Product Distribution & Delivery

We represent a unified Australia and New Zealand value-added distribution model. We have certified sales partners throughout Australia and New Zealand who are authorised to sell our products to end users. Our direct touch methodology generates qualified leads for our partners.

Product Familiarisation

We visit prospective end-users and brief them on industry trends, technology and our product portfolio.

On-site Presentations

We offer on-site presentations to potential end-users in conjunction with the channel partner or system integrator.

On-line Training

Prospective end-users have access to our webinar program. Custom designed on an individual basis, our program offers product familiarisation, evaluation assistance and product training.

Pre-implementation Mentoring

We visit the new end-user and, in conjunction with the channel partner or system integrator, assist the implementation process.

Technical Support

We combine technical excellence with a superior understanding of customer needs, and the environment in which our customers operate, to provide timely and effective support.


The company is headquartered in the Norwest Business Park in Sydney, Australia.