SecureMail Solutions

SecureMail is much more than a great email encryption service. It is a complete portfolio of encryption products, solutions and options for secure email, secure file transfer and secure workflows. It's an efficient solution for all your sensitive 'data in motion'.

  • Fortify regulatory compliance
  • Defend customer data privacy
  • Elevate organizational efficiency

Simple Secure Email for the Desktop

DataMotion's SecureMail is a service that protects all important information flowing between you, your business partners, and your clients. At the same time, it makes life easier for everyone. From the moment you hit the "Send Secure" button, until your mail is delivered, sensitive messages and files are fully protected. It's simple. It's fast. It's smart. SecureMail is perfect for organisations of all sizes.

Compliance without Complication

Secure email is a legal requirement for those who must comply with privacy regulations. With SecureMail, compliance is achieved without complication. It protects all of your sensitive messages with compliance-grade encryption (FIPS 140-2), and it gives customers assurance that their private information is being handled with care. Messages and files are secured with one-click and with instant confirmation when they have arrived safely. Replies are securely delivered to your inbox and unencrypted automatically, ready to read without additional steps. For those that prefer a portal, local language is automatically detected. And, because it works with popular email clients such as Outlook, it is intuitive for senders and recipients, and can be up and running in minutes with no outside IT support. The SafeTLS feature makes it easy for member recipients to receive SecureMail messages and attachments directly to their email inboxes – no passwords, portals or logins required.

Better Customer Service and Lower Costs

SecureMail improves response time and saves money. Your customers no longer have to wait for the mail to get passwords and other sensitive information. And, communications don't stop when people are on the move. SecureMail works just as effectively with mobile devices. Since SecureMail provides confidential delivery with confirmed receipt, it replaces costly faxes, printing, postage, and courier services, providing you with a greener and less expensive alternative.

DataMotion SecureMail helps US customers achieve regulatory compliance


  • Easy to use service encrypts selected email messages
  • Intuitive "Send Secure" Outlook button
  • Replies are automatically decrypted into your inbox
  • Handles document and file attachments up to 100MB (expandable to 2GB)
  • Nothing to install for recipients
  • Recipient initiated secure messaging
  • Works natively on iPhone and other mobile devices Built-in tracking of all messages and files sent, received, and opened
  • Web Services APIs for developers to build secure messaging into their applications
  • Portal localised in eight languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese


  • Minimise exposure to regulatory violations, litigation, and penalties
  • Private, trusted, secure communication with your customers and partners
  • Cut costs of faxes, printing, postage, and courier services
  • Proof that recipients opened your messages
  • Up and running with minimal or no end user training

Simple Secure Email

DataMotion's SecureMail is a service that protects all of the important information flowing between you, your business partners, and your clients, while at the same time making life easier for everyone. From the moment you send an email until your mail is delivered, sensitive messages and files are fully protected. It's simple. It's fast. It's smart. SecureMail is perfect for any size organisation.

Compliance without Complication

Secure email is a legal requirement for those who must comply with US privacy regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI. SecureMail achieves compliance without complication. It protects all of your sensitive messages with military-grade encryption, and it gives customers assurance that their private information is being handled with care. Securely send messages and files and get instant confirmation when they have arrived safely.

Messages are sent securely automatically, company-wide, when the SecureMail Gateway identifies an exact match with your security policies. While desktop-only email solutions provide encryption tools, they rely solely on the sender to determine if a message contains sensitive information. Policy-based content filtering provides an essential safety net. DataMotion's SecureMail Gateway automatically detects sensitive information that has been sent as outbound email and routes it for secure delivery. This frees your employees from worrying about the do's and don'ts of email compliance and ensures strict policy enforcement across the entire organization.

Smarter Security for Intelligent Compliance

The SecureMail Gateway adds an important level of intelligence to its decision making. In addition to pattern matching techniques, SecureMail Gateway can also leverage your in-house data to route mail for encryption. For instance, SecureMail Gateway can scan for specific customer account numbers or specific keywords within the message to determine sensitivity. As you update your data in an external file, the compliance filter automatically updates as well, ensuring that your email and attachments are always scanned against the most recent data. You also have the option to inform the sender that the email was sent securely, raising security awareness throughout your organisation.


  • Built-in tracking and auditing for messages
  • Automatic account provisioning
  • Simple to use encryption - No PKI necessary
  • Cobranded portal
  • Recipient initiated secure messaging
  • HTML and CSV Reporting
  • Push delivery of password-protected messages or files directly to recipient inbox
  • Multiple deployment options for end users


  • Custom data matching
  • Industry-specific lexicon rules
  • Regular Expression rules
  • Scans over 300 different attachment types for sensitive or regulated content
  • Decrypted inbound secure email delivery
  • Up and running within a day
  • Inbound filtering


  • Compliance: Minimise exposure to regulatory violations, litigation and penalties.
  • Trustworthy communication with your customers and partners: With robust encryption and easily-tracked delivery paths, you can send sensitive information with confidence.
  • Cost Containment: Cut costs of faxes, printing, postage, and courier services.
  • Better Control: Messages are monitored, tracked and reported on every step of the way.
  • Simplicity: Have all your users securely exchanging information within hours.

Easy File Exchange

Using your email system to send files can be a big headache, with message size limits, and huge server storage backups. The alternative – setting up users with FTP – is just as bad, since it's time consuming, unsecure, and very support intensive.

When cumbersome to exchange, users will resort to other means. Under pressure to get their business done, they will find easily accessible, consumer-based services to send files, while putting your organization at risk.

DataMotion's Secure File Transfer is easy to use and increases user productivity. Now your users can get their work done, and you can rest assured everything is secure

Simple and Secure

DataMotion's Secure File Transfer makes it easy to send and receive files securely, while giving administrators full visibility. It simplifies file exchanges with customers and partners through straightforward methods like file attachments and drag and drop.

With no training or software needed, it's easy to get up and running quickly, and even easier to support. The solution also allows your applications and systems to easily participate, enhancing their capabilities, saving you time, and adding to the bottom line. It's streamlined, secure, and smart.

Secure and in Control

Secure data exchange is a legal requirement to comply with industry regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI. DataMotion's Secure File Transfer gives you assurance that sensitive information is being encrypted. Central tracking and reporting provide visibility into all transfers – making it simple to prove Service Level Agreements and demonstrate compliance. Now, all transfers – internal and external – can be managed and controlled.


  • User-initiated transfers – up to 2GB
  • Integrated encryption – no separate key management
  • Centralized administration
  • End-to-end tracking and reporting
  • Public or private cloud
  • Integrates with DataMotion's SecureMail
  • Configurable file expiration
  • Co-branded web portal
  • Built on open standards
  • Tools to integrate with existing workflows


  • Up and running in minutes
  • Visibility and control of all file exchanges
  • Increased compliance
  • Increased user productivity
  • Easy for users and IT administrators
  • Lower support costs
  • No scripting or custom development required
  • Overlays your existing systems - no rip and replace
  • Leverages tools your partners and end users already have in place

Cut Costs and Improve Customer Service Effectiveness

Is your current "Contact Us" web link getting in the way of great customer service? When your customers aren't allowed to send sensitive information through your website because of regulatory compliance, they must resort to fax, postal mail, or overnight delivery to send you supporting documentation. That's frustrating for them, inefficient for your customer-facing employees, and drags out resolution times. It wastes time and money, decreases customer satisfaction, and in the end your profits suffer. Fortunately, there's a better way.

DataMotion's SecureContact gives your customers a secure communication channel so they can get private information and files to you quickly, and you can resolve their issues faster. Your customer service efficiency and effectiveness will soar.

Secure Client Communications Through Your Website

SecureContact is a hosted service that links right into your website. It turns your "Contact Us" function into a convenient, encrypted pathway for private communications between you and your clients. For example, by using SecureContact your customers can request test results, exchange documents, or ask personal account questions. It also lets them attach any sensitive files securely. Best of all, it's fully compliant with all industry privacy regulations such as HIPAA,HITECH, PCI, GLBA, and others. Your appropriate department receives the message and its attachments, and can respond with detailed information via the same secured pathway.

SecureContact gives your customers the assurance that you're handling their private information safely and securely, and lets you rapidly accelerate customer service response times.


  • Compliance-grade encryption for all incoming messages
  • Built-in tracking of all messages sent, received, opened
  • Cobranded portal
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure needed
  • Offered on premise or hosted
  • Quickly add options for routing mail destinations via drop down menu
  • Easily handles large files up to 2GB
  • Seamlessly integrates into any website
  • Simple to use encryption – no PKI necessary
  • Automatic account provisioning
  • HTML and CSV reporting
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring


  • Cut costs – Fewer calls, fax, and overnight delivery can lead to reduced call center costs
  • Improve customer service effectiveness – Reduce customer churn
  • Reduced Risk – Robust encryption and easily tracked delivery paths ensure security and reduce human error
  • Compliance – Minimises exposure to regulatory violation, litigation, and penalties
  • Improved Business Potential – Trusted communication creates stronger business relationships and increased revenues
  • Increased Customer Trust and Engagement – Encourages client-initiated communications and relationship managment
  • Greater Access – Accessible to clients from any computer or mobile device with access to your website