Professional Services & Project Management

Since 1994, Australian Projects has provided professional IT security services and project management to corporate and government clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our service delivery model helps enterprises plan, build, manage and improve their IT security infrastructure.

Our areas of expertise are IT Security, Data Protection and Information Assurance, covering data at rest inside the enterprise, data at rest outside the enterprise, data in transit, mobile data, data in the cloud and end-to-end trust.

With an estimated 60% of corporate data residing on endpoints including desktops, laptops, tablet devices, smart-phones and removable storage devices, most demand for our professional services relates to endpoint and mobile security.

As enterprises migrate to thin client solutions, we provide professional services for the implementation of true endpoint security for Citrix and VMware customers.
We provide professional services and solutions for the data security, fleet management and simplified support of Apple iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Android tablets and other smart productivity devices.

Delivering a positive client experience is central to our professional service philosophy.

Our Services

Data Security Project Planning

Our data security specialists work with our clients to identify, scope and create data security implementations. This planning process includes analysis of security policies and requirements and preparation of a short-list of data security solutions that offer the best match to the key security objectives of the enterprise. Our methodology has been used by many of our corporate and government clients to streamline the planning process, including preparation of a realistic "assess – scope – plan – execute" roadmap and budget.

Evaluation and Implementation

We provide expert advice and technical support during the software evaluation and testing phase, including the proof-of-concept stage, either as project mentor or project manager. We advise on the optimal infrastructure and the setup required for the implementation of a pilot roll-out, or full deployment across the enterprise. This is achieved with the aid of our proven roadmap approach.

Managed Transitions

For organisations that have pre-existing data security solutions that need to be replaced with new generation software, we manage upgrades, reconfigurations and swap-out migrations. We have earned an enviable reputation with government departments and agencies for our excellence and attention to detail in managed transitions.

Administrator and End-user Training

We provide tailored training services for administrators, security auditors, support staff and end-users. Training is offered on-site or at our training rooms in Canberra, Australian state capitals, and in Auckland and Wellington.

Technical Support

We offer a range of service levels including Australian business hours and 24x7

Managed Services

Our SafeCloud hosted solution provides a complete managed service for enterprises that do not have internal resources to manage and support a data security regime. Our system provides robust security combined with powerful auditing and reporting, and end-user support.